Tales From The Journey


My Story

I was born into a very poor family; a family with many secrets. One secret was that we were poor. My father worked three jobs around the clock to provide for us, but living in Southern California, we just couldn’t afford the cost of living. Many days, we lived on one hot dog a day, one bun-less hotdog. On a good day, we got two hotdogs, one for lunch and one for dinner. My father was a proud man and he wasn’t able to admit that he needed help to provide for his wife and five children, so often we went hungry. We never had health care or clothes without holes. I remember one day when I stepped on a piece of glass, my dad took me to the hospital but no one would see us because we had to money to pay the bill. On our way home, my dad picked up Neosporin and ace bandages and mended me himself. I still have an ugly scar to remind me of that day. 

Another family secret was that both my father and my grandfather were sexual abusers. For nine years I was sexually exploited within my own family. By the age of four years I knew the world was ugly and wrong. Every day I knew what was done to me and my siblings was wrong. My grandfather was a deacon in the church and to deal with his guilt, he would pray over me, that I would forget it ever happened, but I never did. My father was a pastor, but he hid his sin very well behind closed doors by fear and threats. My mother, to deal with all the horror would drink herself to sleep each night and I would be left to care for my siblings. So it was at the young age of four, that I knew my life was wrong and terrible. My first day in children's ministry at a local church, I heard the name of Jesus. Jesus is a man who accepted and loved everyone, he is a man who fought for the children even when everyone else would chose to ignore them. I called my siblings and I the invisible children, because no one actually saw the life we lived. That night, I vowed that if Jesus would save me and my siblings that I would serve Him forever. However, it was another five years before Christ answered my prayer and saved my siblings and I.

While driving my dad to work one day, a semi truck pulled off the highway with broken brakes and its cargo loaded incorrectly. As it took a left turn, its balance was jeopardized and the truck fell over, landing on our family car. My parents were killed on site and I was taken to a local hospital with five pieces of glass in my head. One is actually still in there, they missed it. While it was a tragedy, it was an answer to prayer. My siblings and I were rescued and given a new life. 

The true answer to prayer came through a missionary couple, who was at the time, my aunt and uncle. My aunt came home for the funeral of her brother and sister-in-law. At the reading of the will, my aunt and husband were listed as the guardians of us children in the event that my grandparents couldn’t. My aunt said, well we are missionaries to Thailand so we can’t take them.


But the day after the funeral, someone in the family came forward and shared with her that there was a secret, the secret of who my grandfather was. My aunt never knew about this alternate life of her father and was devastated, but she knew what she had to do. Our only hope of freedom, was through her choice to take us in. She drove to her parents, confronted her dad, and took us back to our birth parents house. 

Upon arriving, she soon realized we had no food in the house. Empty drawers, empty shelves, and an empty fridge devastated her as she realized she had $100 dollars, five new kids, and no way to care for us. As she sat down and cried, a knock sounded at the door. It was our neighbor. She explained how she had just gone grocery shopping when a voice told her to start putting random things in her cart. At one point she looked down and saw that nothing in her cart was on her list, but the voice told her to keep going. Keep in mind, she is not a Christian. She continued filling the cart and then the voice said, go check out and load up your car. Once she was behind the wheel, the voice said, start driving home. When she turned on our street, the voice said, now take everything to that house. She stood on our porch and said, I don’t know who you are, or what your story is, but I have a load of groceries for you in my car. My mom cried as this woman spoke, reminded that God is always there. Those groceries took care of us for over a month and not a day went by that God didn’t continue to provide for us. My uncle packed up the house in Thailand and moved back to California and they become US missionaries spreading the word of God to those lost and broken here in California. And over time, they became our adoptive parents who have loved us as only Jesus Christ can. I am so honored to have incredible parents of faith who have showed me how to love Christ, love myself, love others, and give everything I have in service and honor of Him. And I am so glad and honored that they are here today.

You can imagine, however, that is wasn’t an easy thing to move on from. My siblings and I were put in counseling for many years. We were messed up children. Because my birth father was so proud, he didn’t seek help for several issues that his kids had. My brother’s eye sight was so bad that he needed glasses, but these were too expensive so my he didn’t get any and as a result, never learned how to read. Since I had to be a mother to my siblings, I was a child who never laughed, never played, and was never a kid. My sister was so traumatized by the abuse she would have night terrors. My other sister stopped speaking at two years old so she wouldn’t accidentally speak the truth and be punished and my youngest sister was still in diapers, just a baby. The social workers and counselors looked at me and said that I would most likely not make it to be a healthy independent adult. I can say that those statistics and doubts did not hold true; God protected me and healed me in a way that only He can. While I still had a long journey, I graduated High School and University. I am currently a graduate student and missionary and praise God will someday be a wife and mother. 


Life Calling

It was at a girls camp at nine years old that I first had the desire to become a missionary and share the greatest story ever told with the world. I heard the stories about new cultures and changed lives and I knew that was what God had planned for me to do with my life. I wanted to share the love of Jesus Christ and bring hope to those without any. I couldn't jump on a plane in that moment but I did start preparing my life for that of missions. I joined every missions trip my church offered and even some that they didn't. If I heard the word missions, I had my suitcase packed and sitting by the door. I never missed a chance to get a taste of missions.

I travelled all over Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East sharing about God's love for us. When I graduated from Bible school, I signed up to be a missionary to International Media Ministries in Madrid, Spain. IMM produces media for missionaries and ministries around the world bringing the stories of the Bible to life through video. I also taught English to Arabic children and led worship.

When my term with IMM was finished, I sought God to find my next step in His plan. That was when I heard about Mission One Eleven and one chance for every person. 

I had never before heard the statistics; over one-third of the world have never heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over one-third of the world does not have a relationship with God, not because they choose not to, but simply because they have never had the chance to know who He is and the precious gift He has given to them. All because they are have not been given the chance to hear.

I knew I had to do something, that I had to be a part of Jesus' greatest commandment, His final commandment, "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit". So I went...

I joined Mission One Eleven and my life changed forever! I met with witchdoctors, prayed over the demon possessed, hiked through jungles, ate strange meats, ate with cannibals, walked through fire and rivers, all to share the Gospel and obey Christ's final commandment. It is so amazing to travel the world and share the greatest story, God's story, with those who need hope. I can't say it's been easy, but I know it's been the best part of my life. No matter the cost, I will share the love of my Savior unto the ends of the earth!

In order to fulfill God's mission and call upon my life to reached the unreached, I must raise monthly support as a missionary. I can't hope to raise support without the help of friends and family. If you would like to become part of my team in reaching our world for Christ there are two ways you can help.

First, you can support myself, the teams I work with, and the unreached peoples through prayer. Follow my newsletters to hear what is going on and how to pray.

Second, you can give financially to support the work of the ministry that allows me to focus on raising up missionaries and reaching tribes for Christ.
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Mission One Eleven believes that it is the birthright for every human being to have the chance to hear the name of Jesus Christ at least once in their lives. Over two-thirds of the world remain unreached and unengaged; having never heard the Gospel and have never had a personal relationship with God. Mission One Eleven brings that chance to tribes and peoples around the world by going to them and sharing Christ's story of love and redemption.

Mission One Eleven is a missions training internship that raises up missionaries and reaches tribes throughout the world. Every fall another internship opportunity is available across multiple campuses and countries.

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