March 2018 - Artist News Update

I pray this finds you well!
I can't believe it's already March! This year is flying by so fast; I just can't believe it. This winter has been a great one! The year started off with our annual Mission One Eleven Leadership Conference. It was amazing to see our leaders from around the world gather to be poured into, and choose to give their time and talents to reach the unreached. I am so honored to be able to serve God, reach the unreached, and mentor others to follow Jesus' Great Commission.

Since Conference I have been working to compile my leadership team. This year we introduced a new leadership structure within Mission One Eleven in order to be able to raise up more leaders to accomplish more as we continue to grow as an organization. We now have 5 main teams and 2 supporting teams: Expeditions, Pioneer, Aviation, Communications, Digital, Fundraising, and Special Projects. In this new structure, I lead our Expeditions Team.
Expeditions has three goals
1. Build healthy Training Centers that are sustainable, self-functioning, and fully integrated into local churches
2. Work to integrated into the Assemblies of God
3. Assist leaders to fulfill their long term assignment

This past month I have worked to raise up and assemble our Expeditions leadership team. This team will work together to accomplish our goals of strengthening our Training Centers and our leaders.

Please be in prayer for our team as we continue to work towards reaching the unreached. Pray for wisdom to follow God's will, the right open doors to open, strong partnerships that will move us forward, and fruit in our work.
Tamara Gutel