December 2017 - Artist News Update

Merry Christmas!!!
I hope this holiday season has been joyful so far and if it hasn't, I pray for grace and peace in your hearts as you read this.

This fall has been pretty crazy for me as I'm sure it has been for you. I was originally planning on heading to Sierra Leone this fall with our Bakersfield team. However, that wasn't to happen due to pressing needs here in California. Three of these needs are the opening of Mission One Eleven Training Centers across the AG SoCal Network, two of our California team's debriefs, and our Leadership Conference that will be happening shortly after the teams return.

Due to these needs, I have stayed in California to help us move forward as an organization. I ask for your prayers as we continue to work to reach the unreached and raise up missionaries.

Although I didn't travel this Fall I have helped with overseas communications with our teams to keep them safe and strong as they continue to reach the unreached.

Our Bakersfield team with the Bom people.

Our LA Team with the Buru people

Even with all that is going on in Mission One Eleven, I have had both good and bad changes in my life. On the hard side, my roommate and I have had pest struggles for the past month at our apartment and this next week we will actually be moving. While this is challenging right before Christmas, we know that God is in control!

On the positive side, I have been able to launch a new line and  brand for my leatherwork. A few years ago I contracted malaria in Indonesia. For several months I struggled with my health as I kept relapsing. My doctor encouraged me to keep my stress low and when he heard I am a missionary, laughed and said to at least pickup a hobby to relieve stress. I began leatherwork and have started a small online store to sell the goods I make. The sales from these creations support about 1/2 of my support budget. I enjoy making them, as they give me a chance to share about my passion for the unreached. This collection is called the Maale Collection, named after the first unreached people group I ever worked with, the Maale in Ethiopia.
Tamara Gutel