Abun People of Indonesia

The Abun people lived in Papua, Indonesia. The Abun live in the jungles of Bird's Head Island and are very hard to get to, taking a hike for several hours or even a few days. Until recently, they were considered an unreached people group. Unreached simply means they are without access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, there is work to build a Church amongst the Abun people to continue to provide discipleship and growth for these new Christians. 

I, artist of Gutel Leather, work with an organization called Mission One Eleven. We believe it is the birthright for every person to have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ at least once in their lives. Today, there are still 3 billion people who have never received that chance. So we travel to them and give them the chance to know of Jesus Christ and the gift He offers. These pictures below are of the people from the trip I took to them.