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Handmade leather goods sold to help change the world!

Maale Collection: This collection is named after and dedicated to the Maale People in Ethiopia. Each product is in honor of actual people in the tribe who lives were changed by the community development work done there.

The Process: Everything I make is from scratch... I start with choosing what I desire to make and creating the design and template for it. I then select the raw veg tanned leather and cut the pieces for the design. I brand my logo into the leather, prepare and dye the leather, and finally, I hand sew the pieces together and add in the nessecary hardware.  
The Purpose: I began leather working when I returned back from overseas work with malaria. In order to stay healthy and not regress back I had to find a way to keep my stress down. I picked up leather working and found both a love and an unexpected talent. I started with an Etsy shop to sell my creations in order to fund my missionary work. Now my business has grown, but I still work, create, and sell to fund my missionary work with Mission One Eleven. All profits go to work with people who are in dire need of assistance and love.

100% Handmade: Everything I make is completely by hand. I design, cut, dye, and sew completely by hand. No machines are used to create these beautiful leather works of art.
For more information or to ask any questions, please email gutel.tamara [!at] gmail.com

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